Sun, Beach, Nightlife And Museums, All In One Single Destination

Malaga is one of those places with a unique identity that always invites visitors to discover a little more of the secrets that its streets keep. And it is that being one of the oldest towns of all the Spanish territory, Malaga has been influenced in its customs and construction by different cultures; From its distant foundation by the Phoenicians, through the occupation for many centuries by the Moors until finally being reconquered by the Christians in the 1400s, the identity of Malaga has become an amalgam of cultures and traditions that today they are displayed to the public as its distinctive insignia.

It is clear that the days of ancient architecture are behind us, a perfect example of this being the way in which the port of Malaga has become a world reference in terms of passenger transport, such that it has even been the chosen place to launch the largest and most luxurious cruise ships of today. However, Malaga is more than just a pretty port and ancient architecture, and that is why we will mention some of the best things to do in this city.

Malaga is much more than just fun under the sun!

It is no coincidence that Malaga remains today one of the favorite tourist destinations for the public, even in times of pandemic. Not only does its geographical location offer the advantage of a temperate climate, even during winter, but throughout the year the city offers different alternatives to just the beach and sun.

Walking the streets and different places in the city is quite easy for visitors, mainly due to the fact that this city is particularly adapted to receiving huge numbers of visitors throughout the year, which is reflected in its transport infrastructure.

Those who prefer an experience closer to home can rent a car, or there are even transfer services that not only work as Malaga airport transfer services, but can also take you to different places when called by cell phone or by different means, thus giving you visitors the freedom to call their transportation when they need it without even having to worry about parking.

The docks area is a public favorite. This consists of two levels at different heights. In the highest section there are recreational spaces to exercise while enjoying the view and the gardens, while in the lower part at the pier level there are many restaurants and bars, as well as being the place where tourist boats park and even private yachts.

We must also recognize the effort and investment that the city has made in making itself known as the city of museums, with more than 30 museums open to the public almost all year round, it is difficult to get to know each and every one of these in just one visit.

Malaga then has that hook that invites its visitors to always come back to discover a little more.

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