Places to explore around Chennai with your loved ones

Chennai is a beautiful metropolitan city and is the first choice among tourists for spending an intriguing vacation. This pearl city boasts an array of spots that depict the true culture of this magnificent location. From pristine beaches to busy markets, the place has everything to lure its guests for a longer stay. Apart from this, Chennai also houses ancient temples, libraries and parks.

Chennai, with its multiple offerings, has always won the hearts of many. While it has endless locations to explore from, some have exceptional beauty and therefore should definitely be visited first. Here is a list of the best places to visit in Chennai during your holidays – they have been specially curated for you by our experts. Abide by the following list and you will cover all the striking Chennai locations on your first visit, for sure.


This is a favourite among visitors across all age groups. There are manned two-wheelers that will take you around Mahabalipuram. This marvellous place silently speaks of the history of Mahabalipuram and is one of the best places for history enthusiasts and photographers. The architectural wonders of the Shore Temple, Pancha Ratha, Arjun’s Penance and Krishna’s Butterball located here will leave you mesmerised with its beauty. There is also a Seashell Museum which is a popular attraction among kids. Mahabalipuram is also an important inclusion to the private itineraries. It also houses some of the most acclaimed hotels in Chennai that can be booked on a discounted rates from Intermiles travel website.


Auroville is a unique township in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district. Located at a distance of around 160 km from Chennai city, it has been a crowd-puller for years for its awe-striking features. Regarded as the City of Dawn, tourists who seek tranquillity and spirituality are bound to find this place compelling. The township has been specifically designed based on the principles of Sri Aurobindo and offers tourists a much-needed respite. It is mainly an international community and is free from the clasps of the government, religion, strife and corruption. Popular attractions within the township include Matrimandir and a model school.

Pulicat Lake

If you love admiring nature, then Pulicat Lake is for you. Pulicat Lake is a great picnic spot near Chennai. Located at a distance of 50 km from the centre of the city, this lake is provided with diverse natural resources related to aquatic life. Some of these include multiple fish species, reptiles, insects, birds and animals. Besides, it also comprises white prawns, trigger prawns, mullets and green crabs. You can come here early in the morning and enjoy the panoramic view of the lake and watch the birds taking flight from this location. With so much to do and experience here, The Pulicat Lake is a perfect getaway spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple is located at a distance of 8 km from Chennai city. It was constructed in the 7th century and has a gorgeous interior. Boasting authentic Dravidian architecture, the temple complex consists of several gopurams dedicated to different deities. However, the main deity is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located in the Mylapore locality of Chennai and the name has been derived from Mayilapura or the Town of Peacocks. You will find maamis in the temple who are adorned in bright sarees and mamas chanting shlokas and offering prayers to the deity. The whole atmosphere radiates a pure and holy aura and therefore, will leave you charmed with its unparalleled beauty.


Located at a distance of 55 km from Chennai city, Muttukadu offers a wide range of aquatic activities for tourists to engage in. This place is a favourite among youngsters and adventure seekers. Many national and international tourists visit here to indulge in the multiple activities Muttukadu has to offer. In this regard, boating here is quite famous. There are around 15 to 20 rowboats, 27-speed boats and pedal boats in this location which the travellers can ride and have a complete tour of Muttukadu. Besides, travellers can also try rafting, kayaking and paddling. This is the backwater area of the mighty Bay of Bengal and is around 35 km away from the city centre. Several hotels and resorts are also located near Muttukadu that ensure a blissful stay.


Srikalahasti is a small township located at a distance of 115 km from Chennai city. This place has a divine aura associated with it and thus a potential to draw visitors with its ornate shrines and enthralling beauty. The Srikalahasteeswara Temple or the Srikalahasti Temple is the epitome of an authentic Dravidian style of architecture. The temple structure is elaborate and provides a breathtaking view to its visitors right from the entrance. It is often referred to as the Kailash of the South and holds much resemblance to the Kashi Vishwanath in Varanasi. The temple is representative of air, among the five elements of nature or ‘Pancha Bhoota’. There are several lodges and budget hotels at Srikalahasti to facilitate your stay. Generally, these don’t require pre-booking, but it is always advisable to confirm before heading out to this destination.

Thus, these are the best places you can explore around Chennai on your getaway. But that’s not all, while in Chennai you can explore more all by yourself, friends and family.


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