Booking Vacation Rentals Is Better Than Staying At Hotels in Destin Florida

During early spring, people around the United States arrive in Florida to enjoy the sun, water, sand, and beaches. Florida is known for its pleasant weather and lovely beaches. There may be various places where you would like to spend your holiday, but Destin Florida is speechless.

Destin is known for sugary white sand and emerald green water. It is an ideal location for a perfect hideaway. The white crystalline sand and clear green water make various people imagine their dream vacation in Destin. The natural beauty makes your vacation a perfect memory.

It is one of the most loved family holiday destinations, because of various activities other than water sports. You can enjoy golf, fishing, shopping, cruise, and watch dolphins, seabirds, and other aquatic animals while on a cruise trip. No doubt people just can’t get over with the Destin hangover even after returning home from vacations, and end up planning another trip to the beach.

Since Destin is a hot tourist destination, during peak season, you will always experience a rise in the hotel price. Apart from flight tickets, you also have to book a secured and luxurious place for your family beforehand. There can be times when you’re late in pre-booking, so what if all the good hotels are booked during the season? Have you ever thought of getting vacation homes?

Vacation rental on the beach is the best way of spending time with family. Destin is a tourist destination that is full of privately owned vacation rentals. There are various hotels and motels, but you will also find high-rise condos, beach homes, resorts, luxury bungalows, cottages, studios, cabins, etc.

When you’re spending a relaxing time with family, you don’t want to abide by the hotel rules and timings. Of course, you’re here to relax, so everything should be at your convenience. A vacation rental gives you all the privileges of staying at your pleasure. You can wake up late and still don’t have to worry about missing out on the free breakfast. You can just relax with a coffee on the patio while swinging on a hammock and return late at night and listen to music or jump around with kids and pets without restrictions. is the best website where you can get the best deals on vacation rentals. It is a one-stop-shop that helps in planning the best trip to Destin. You can find Destin Florida vacation rentals, the best restaurants, boat rentals, things-to-do, cruises, events held in the city during your stay, and also book a few tickets for some events.  As a traveler, you will find all types of businesses on this website which makes your search easier and broadens your knowledge.

The Benefits of Renting Vacation Homes

Personal Space

This is my personal experience that vacation homes are much better than hotels. Firstly, whenever I book at peak season I always get a room with no sea view. When I open the windows I generally see the backyard or the parking lot which disappoints me in the morning. It makes me sick when early morning I get a call from the hotel staff as a reminder for breakfast time, then on the checkout day I have to rush to avoid extra charges.

Above all, I just can’t take that crowded hall, pools, and pets all over the place. I need my personal space which is nowhere in a hotel. Once I booked a vacation home on a suggestion of one of my friends and that is the day when I said bye to hotels on my holidays with family.

Personal Kitchen

Did you ever compromise with a burger in the morning or a late-night pizza because the hotel kitchen was closed? Well, it doesn’t happen in vacation homes or condos. You get your kitchen. Set up the kitchen as you wish, buy all ingredients, frozen food from the nearby store or market. You can cook, any time of the day or night and there is no one to object. It also saves money because in a hotel you spend extra on food or go out to eat in a restaurant, but in vacation rentals, you buy stuff just once and enjoy the whole week.

Value for Money

A large group of family or friends may find booking a hotel quite expensive. However, when you book a vacation home you’re not paying separately for every room. One whole rent is divided and contributed by each member in the group of friends or different families. This is more economic than booking separate rooms in a hotel and still not getting the desired view.

No extra charges for amenities

Some hotels charge you extra for laundry or keeping pets, beach towels, Wi-Fi, massage, etc. However, while booking a vacation home if you check all the amenities provided, you’ll find that everything is included within the rent and there is no extra charge for it. Some luxury bungalows provide a swimming pool, BBQ area, and tennis and badminton courts as well. You can wash your clothes any time of the day and relax with your pets jumping around.

Personal Parking

It is seen that during peak season, hotels don’t provide separate parking spaces due to traffic. These parking lots are quite a distance from the hotel. However, in a vacation rental, you get your personal parking space. If any of your adults are in a wheelchair, they won’t have to drag their wheelchair too far, as the car will be within their reach.

Plenty Space and Bathrooms

My kids hated staying in a hotel because they’re confined to just one room. Even if we book a family suite, they prefer spending time in the pool. They often complain that all they do in a hotel room is to watch TV, but not anymore. They love vacation homes. They can run around, play football with their father, sometimes help me in cooking and of course, my dog has the freedom to wag her tail and bark in all corners of the house.

Instead of one room and one bathroom, we book a rental home with at least three rooms and three bathrooms. This gives us the space to relax completely and there is no one to waiting to use the bathroom in the morning.

If your idea of a perfect vacation is relaxing, then book a vacation rental at You will get all information about vacation rentals, hotels, cruise, rental boats, various events, activities, and tourist spots in one place. It is the best website for travelers to book directly with the business to avoid the last-minute hassle. It is easy to go online and book from the website to fulfill your vacation dreams.

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