Four Mistakes that People Make when Working on their Steak

Steaks are not cheap cuts of meat. The best steaks are high-quality cuts that must be handled and cooked with care so you can enjoy what you pay for. Unless you are a steak chef with many years of experience, you may not be 100% accurate about cooking, preparing, and serving steak. To cook the perfect steak, you need more thank knowledge of your temperatures and how to get a good sear. In terms of working on steaks, below are some mistakes that many people make:

Not Freezing It Properly

Ordering your steak from a reputable supplier will ensure the met gets shipped to your door in quality packaging. The meat is frozen to maintain its juice and flavor. But, when you buy steak from a store or butcher, you don’t get this convenience and you may end up freezing your meat wrong. It is important to freeze steak properly and avoid freezer burn. This can be done by wrapping a freezer wrap or aluminum foil tightly around every piece of meat. Then, the cuts must be placed in a plastic freezer storage bag, eliminating all air before sealing the bag.

Thawing It Wrong

Frozen steak meat should not bedefrosted in the microwave or on the counter at room temperature for hours. When you use the microwave, you will dry out the meat and make it unsafe to consume, especially when left too long so it begins to cook. It’s important to keep in mind that leaving most foods at room temperatures for hours to thaw is very unsafe. The best way to go is to thaw your steak in the fridge in their freezer packaging. Leave them there for about 24 hours.

Cooking the Meat Cold

Take the meat out of the fridge about thirty minutes before you cook it. Dry it off and sear it in a hot pan. If you take the meat right from the fridge, it may not cook evenly and will make it hard to get a good sear with a damp sauce. You can find the best cooked steak at Rib N Reef steakhouse if you want to dine out instead of cook your steak.

Undercooking the Meat

For the majority of experts and steak lovers, the perfect steak is medium-rare. Some people prefer to see a lot of red in their steak. However, cooking beef to medium-rare provides its fat enough time to render down, making it more tender and flavorful. If you prefer to cook the meat rare, the steak may not present its full flavor and texture.

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