Top Train Journeys In India

India is known to have a very extensive railway network in the world. It covers most parts of the country, from the gorgeous beaches and tea plantations in the south, the magical desert in western India to the mountainous regions in the north. Trains are extremely practical modes of transport since they give travellers a unique look into the local culture as well as being extremely affordable. With International travel not in the plans for Indians for the foreseeable future, it’s never been better to discover local sights for your next holiday. So get that train ticket booking ready because here are some of India’s top train journeys!

Kalka to Shimla
Travelling in the state of Himachal Pradesh should be on every domestic travellers’ list. The five hour long train ride takes you through tunnels, bridges, valleys, pine forests and of course the majestic Himalayan peaks.

Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling
This slow moving train journey gives travellers the chance to experience a slow and relaxed ride. You will pass through vibrant villages getting the chance to mingle with the friendly locals and try out the delicious food. Of Course in terms of scenery, you will see snow filled mountains, tea plantations and exciting greenery.

Mumbai to Goa
For anyone looking to escape the bustling noise of Mumbai city, this train journey is perfect. The beautiful state of Goa is always welcoming of visitors and this 12 hour train ride is perfect if you have not had the chance to see Goa. As your traid passes the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, you will get to see rivers, beaches and the coastline.

Kanyakumari to Trivandrum
This two hour journey in South India from Tamil Nadu to Kerala is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful train journeys. During this two hour ride people will travel through a coast with palm trees and pristine beaches. You can stay on the train ride for a little longer and reach Varkala which is one of India’s most delightful beaches.

Delhi to Rajasthan
This one is a little different as it is for the travellers looking for a bit of luxury. The train starts from India’s capital and takes you around the state of Rajasthan for seven nights. The luxury train has excellent service, en suite rooms and some of the best food on board. As for sights, passengers will be treated to Rajasthan’s plentiful forts, Ranthambore National Park to find tigers and Jaipur’s world renowned food. This specific journey requires travellers to make an online train booking well in advance due to its popularity.

Even though holidays are not going to look the same at least for some time, India is slowly opening itself up for travellers albeit only domestic ones. If travelling locally is something for you, now is a great time. Get your train booking done, find a cosy hotel and pack your bag. However if train journeys are not your cup of tea, one always has the option for a shorter road trip on the weekends.

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