5 Great Beaches To Paddleboard In Florida

The West Coast might be the American home to surfboarding but it is on the East that stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is making its name. All along the East Coast, SUP enthusiasts are taking to the Atlantic ocean to embrace and explore the waterscapes, discovering hidden beaches and stunning coves with the help of their boards.

While many eastern states are making a claim to having some of the most celebrated SUP destinations, it is Florida that is pulling ahead. With golden sands and amazing vistas that rival California’s, many national and international paddleboarders already rank Florida as being among the world’s best destinations. To show you why, here are five great beaches to justify your next paddleboarding adventure.

Clearwater Beach

Renowned across the world even before SUP became so popular, this destination beach is entirely deserving of its name. Having not only crystal clear water, this extensive beach also has distinctly fine, white sand that is perfect for relaxation and activities.

Those who bring along a paddleboard can enjoy the water and beautiful views, while also having the chance to see aquatic life such as dolphins too. Just be sure to understand the area’s tourist calendar or you may find yourself overwhelmed by how busy it can be!

Siesta Key

This long island, accessible by bridge, has quickly become a bucket list location for many paddleboarders. In addition to its signature aquamarine waters, the extensive shoreline is ideal for paddleboarders who wish to explore leisurely just as it is for those who want to test their ability against the waves. Siesta Key is also a great family destination, so be sure to bring along a family-sized paddleboard too.

Sanibel Island

Since recovering from the devastation of a hurricane in 2022, Sanibel Island has once again returned to glory, with businesses and beaches reopening to welcome visitors from across the world. Famous for its array of seashells and amazing trails, Sanibel Island is also a hub for SUP activity, with many clubs and tutors being found in the area.


Being part of the Gulf of Mexico conjures up exotic beaches, astonishing waters, and clean sands, which is exactly what Destin offers. The city has a wide selection of beaches, as well as a number of hidden coves, that make for a luxurious and unforgettable SUP experience. Those who do bring a board along can even access the otherwise out-of-reach Crab Island. The name derives from both its population of tiny crabs and the island’s previous shape that was, until recently, similar to that of a crab itself.

Miami Beach

Perhaps the most famous beach in Florida, many experienced paddleboarders are sure to overlook it as a destination solely for its recognised name. However, Miami Beach is rightly celebrated, not only for its beauty but for the unique perspective it offers of the city’s skyline. 

It can also be an amazing place in the evenings, with many paddleboarders seeking to capture both the amazing hues of a Miami sunset and the unforgettable illumination of Miami cityscape’s neon-drenched nights.

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