Top Reasons Why You Should Learn Flying a Tailwheel

Getting a tailwheel endorsement is a rewarding and fun thing for any pilot. To learn to fly a tailwheel aircraft opens one to a vast world of fun airplanes. In this article, we will learn about ways to learn to fly a tailwheel. is a site that has several documents and manuals that helps readers learn how to make a safe and easy transition to tailwheel airplanes. The content on the site focuses on stating the functioning differences between nosewheel and tailwheel airplanes during takeoffs, landings, and ground operations.

How Is It Like Flying a Taildragger?

The main landing gear is placed much farther forward. It makes the aircraft less forbearing of messiness in airspeed, flight-control movement, and flight-path. A pilot needs to put in a lot of effort and throw in a crosswind to keep the plane headed in the desired direction.

Tailwheel pilots have to learn to properly use the brakes. Aircraft that have a castering nosewheel demands active rudder control. It can give an idea of a small taste of tail dragging to pilots.

Ground loops also have a special significance when flying a tailwheel airplane. It forms the key component in the basics of tail dragging. Thus, a pilot has to master this skill to implement it perfectly.

Reasons to Flying a Tailwheel

You Learn to Use the Appropriate Rudder

Left-turning tendencies get augmented in tailwheels. Check about the spiraling slipstream and torque and get a good hang of the machine to get mastery in using the pedal.

You Learn About a Ground Loop

To learn to fly a tailwheel airplane, it is also required to learn the main landing gear, if you wish to keep moving to the runway.

You learn 3 point landings

In this type of ‘normal landing’ in tailwheels, you should learn to touch three wheels down simultaneously.

You Learn About Wheel Landings

At times when the winds get gusty, or high, the first goal has to touch down on the mains first. The quick landing gives you higher control on touchdown. The wings of your aircraft have to be at a lower AOA. Though it may not be easy for you, it is a fun experience to learn.

Learn to Work on Smooth Power Application

To keep it on the centreline, you should learn to smoothly apply and remove power. It will keep the centerline overlapped with the mains.

You Master the Art of Start AND Stop Turns

Another thing that you need to learn is to start AND stop the turns that your aircraft takes on the ground. By forgetting to use the brakes and rudder to stop the turn, you will have to keep taking turns till you get the point.

It Makes You a Skilled Pilot

Another important and desirable reason for flying a tailwheel is that it enhances the skill of the pilot. The endorsement in flying a tailwheel for five to ten hours improves their proficiency as a pilot.


Learning to fly a taildragger can become a humbling experience for a complacent pilot. Do not get bogged down with numerous taildragger rules. Following the above advice and flying these airplanes will become a lot of enjoyable experiences.

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