5 reasons to visit Strasbourg

It is worth stopping “to contemplate the flowers” in the capital of Alsace i.e., Strasbourg, it will become the magnificent location in your trip due to its attractions. Looking for 5 reasons to visit Strasbourg? We are going to answer you in this article. Before heading toward the 5 reasons to visit Strasbourg let’s discuss some not to be missed attractions of the city. 

A world heritage site Le petite France is the historic center, also called “little France ” is a beautiful network of magical houses, alleyways and canals. The church of Saint Paul, the neighborhood of the bridges or the pier of Bateliers, make up a wonderful painting, are the places that can be visited here. Recreational spaces that are especially curious and pleasant for all travelers and the monuments are witnessed in Parc de L’orangerie. A zoo, a perfect park for a picnic, the Josephine pavilion, are there. General and temporary exhibitions are also organized in its hall. A tour of the Strasbourg canals is enjoyable with a price of about 9 euros per adult and 4 euros per child, it covers the entire historical center of the city in just one hour. A beautiful building that combines several styles and is especially beautiful at night when the lighting is turned on is the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg. Now let’s discuss the 5reasons to visit Strasbourg.

Here are the 5 reasons to visit Strasbourg:

  1. France’s most beautiful city: When walking through the entire old area The appearance of the city is charming, the whole historical heart is inside a huge river island that is known as the Great Island of Strasbourg (Grande Ile). You will discover houses of half-timbered facades with sloping roofs between which huge cathedrals (as imposing as Notre-Dame’s) while Walking through its streets. 
  2. Its neighborhood seems out of a story: Within the great island there is also the most picturesque and well-preserved neighborhood, an old redoubt where fishermen, millers, and artisans lived. Nothing remains of these trades, but there is a charming architecture of half-timbered houses from the 16th and 17th centuries with sloping roofs. Walking (or even hiking) is like going back to other times visually, but with the current and inevitable flow of tourists between shops, restaurants and walks along the river.
  3. Gateway to the Alsace region: It is one of the best collections of “fairytale” villages one can find in Europe. Strasbourg is a perfect getaway to a countryside area that is a paradise of villages, vineyards, and castles. Strasbourg is one of its best entrance gates, well connected by train, plane and road with the rest of France and much of Europe.
  4. Capital of Christmas: The region that is famous for its celebration and decoration for Christmas is Alsace,you are going to witness lovely Christmas markets both in the nearby towns, in cities like Colmar, and also in Strasbourg itself. You can see the beauty of its streets because everything becomes so beautiful with the decoration in Strasbourg. The Christmas spirit takes hold of every corner, and it is an opportunity to enjoy the thousands of lights and ornaments that are lit at dusk or at night, of the markets that are in several of its squares, of street artists, of enjoying taste vin chaud (to clarify the cold), chocolates and pretzels.
  5. Alsatian cuisine: The cuisine in Alsace is so particular that there is even a tradition of “Alsatian food.” The German influence is remarkable, but in Alsace for example it is the origin of the idea of ​​cooking foie gras. Inevitably to try the pain d’épices, the flambé cake, the baeckeoffe or local stew, the spaetzle (rustic noodles), and of course the local cheeses like the munster farmer.

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These were the 5 reasons to visit Strasbourg, don’t forget to share your experience of the visit in the city on this post.

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