Staying in Hong Kong: The Best Travel Experience for You

Hong Kong is a fascinating city and ultimately quite confusing. Against all expectations, even if it is a western type city, it surprises, both by its style, its animation and its cultural codes. This city is noisy and always on the move. It is not the locals who make the noise, but the environment: cars, buses (by the hundreds). Prepare for a shock. This city demands to be tamed. It takes a little time to appreciate it. This destination is not the easiest, but it constitutes an interesting contact with Southeast Asia.

If you are willing to head to Hong Kong from San Francisco, Then taking a flight would be easy. You need to choose the best flight time from San Franciso to Hong Kong. In this case, you can have a sound service available in Cathay Pacific. This is the flight service that will offer you state of the art services from the beginning of the travel till the end. However, there are certain travel preparations that you will need to make.

Preparing for your trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong does not require a tour operator. Backpacking and having amagazine in Hong Kong will be enough. If this city seems large, it is nonetheless on a human scale. You can walk the districts of Kowloon, the island of Hong Kong with its two large districts Wan Chai and Central, and the 2 main islands near Hong Kong,Lantau and Cheung Chau.

To enjoy this city, a full week is enough, without being too long. You will be able to arrange times of calm and rest in the islands around Hong Kong. Once there, you will understand why.

When to go to Hong Kong?

The best times to visit Hong Kong are March – April, but also October – November. These are mild seasons, relatively warm and not very humid. Temperatures in April hover around 24 – 28 degrees and the humidity is not too high. On the other hand, if you have no choice but to go during the summer period, prepare the water bottles, the umbrella or rather the good k-way. The air conditioning supports the heat and humidity that prevail in this season. However, it is particularly cold. Angina guaranteed. You will discover the tropical climate, as in greenhouses in France, in warmer and more rainy. Have a good trip to Asia.

The First Thing

First, there is the modern city, which has skyscrapers, luxury hotels and some 40,000 restaurants to restore the millions of people who work hard to keep the economic engine of this thriving city going. This is the dynamic of Hong Kong that of business people around the world.

Beaches and swimming

The island of Hong Kong has magnificent beaches that allow you to take a break and enjoy nature: Shek O and Repulse Bay, the Tai Long Wan beaches of the Sai Kung peninsula are part of it.

Landscapes and nature

Despite the fact that Hong Kong is a very populous megalopolis, the city has magnificent green spaces and pleasant places to relax like Pic Victoria and the waterfront of Victoria Harbor.

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