Skills Needed for B1 Level English Test

According to CEFR, the B1 Level of English test is what they call as the third level. So, it comes after the A1 and A2 Level of English Test.

This level is for those people who are way ahead when it comes to the basics of English, but when it comes to being able to study or even work in English, they lack a lot. So how does one say whether he is a B1 Level or not? Well, simply one can take the B1 Level English Test.

But there are few things one needs to check, if you can do these then you would be able to call yourself a B1 Level. So check the skills down below that are needed to clear a B1 Level English test.

Skills Needed for the B1 Level English Test in Details: 

So here listed are all the skill sets that one needs to have to be declared to be at B1 Level. They should also be able to perform all the things mentioned below along with the A1 and A2 levels. Check the skills down below.

  • The person should be vocal enough to discuss his/her professional and personal dreams and hopes they have in their future and that too with ease.
  • He should be able to describe what he loves watching on TV and also be able to describe and discuss their favorite TV shows.
  • Suppose that the person is good at writing, then he should be able to arrange a job interview for the same and also able to interview for a job.
  • For clearing the B1 English Test, he should also be quite proficient in providing tips for staying healthy and also be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • If he has some understanding of the points, he should be able to participate in a debate of his area of expertise.
  • Taking about the type of music he prefers and likes to listen to or else planning a night out to listen to live music is another area he should be an expert in.
  • He should be able to go to a restaurant and order food. Along with that, he should also be able to engage in a meaningful conversation and pay for the food.
  • He should be able to talk to people about relationships and meet people through social media.
  • He should be able to carry one conversation politely and be able to politely respond to inappropriate behavior.
  • The person should be proficient in reporting any sustained injuries and should also be able to discuss and maintain workplace safety rules. He should be able to describe the rules and regulations as well.

Well, these are the skills one needs to clear a B1 Level English Test. Any person can clear the B1 English Test level with around 400 hours of cumulative instructions.

There are plenty of reliable information sources available online so choose them to get further more details with ease.

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