Why Visit Albania Tirana

Albania Tirana is the capital city of Albania which was completely destroyed and ruined. It featured among the top worst places in Europe and had gained a very bad reputation. The fall of communism in the year of 1992, made things even worse for Tirana. However, things had gone a little better for them recently. Although, it is still the chaotic city which people once knew, but it had developed in terms of entertainments, culture and politics. It is now the political seat of Albania. With an ever growing population, Tirana has been able to create a buzz that won’t be found anywhere else in the nation.


The people of Albania Tirana are known for their hospitality. If you are a foreign, don’t be afraid when you get an invitation for a coffee or a Raki. It is one if their customs which visitors find to be really overwhelming. These people are really friendly and would treat you in such a manner as if you have visited a friend in a different country. They exactly know how to make people feel comfortable even in a foreign land. This is the beauty of the people and their culture. Once you are in Tirana you will never feel like going back.


The city is full of colors. These people of Albania Tirana are known to have an interest for colors and this makes it a really bright and beautiful place. Being a small place, it can be covered in a day. The rest of the time, you can just notice how the colors give a positive vibe. Their houses are painted colorful with rainbow colors. This is surely going to win you over. The once monochrome city now thrives in beautiful colors. This gives out the positive vibe of hope and joy.


Skanderbeg Square is a center in Albania Tirana which is named after its historical hero who helped the city to be free from the clutches of the Ottoman Empire in the fifteenth century. As you enter the center, you will be welcomed by a statue of Skanderbeg on a horse. The statue is mods up of bronze and in kept in the middle of the center. This is one of the most ancient buildings that were built around the eighteenth century. A lot of historic lessons can be achieved from this center. The historians view it as a paradise for their studies and researches.

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