Tips to Successfully Plan Your Next Family Trip to Maldives

Known primarily for being the honeymooners’ paradise, Maldives is equally popular with families. The tropical archipelago comprises of every element that a person would want from an exotic beach destination. Secluded beaches, private islands, expensive resorts, palm-fringed white sand stretches and crystal blue water with lots of sunny days during the winter is a Maldivian staple.

Maldives was originally considered too expensive for budget travellers, since cheap accommodation options like guest houses and hotels were non-existent. Luxury resorts in the Maldives are all situated on private islands due to the various restrictions on local islands. However, the government now allows tourism on local islands, although, most of the restrictions are still in place.

What Are the Factors to Consider While Staying on a Local Island?

The Maldives being a Muslim nation, alcohol is banned everywhere except for the resort islands. If you plan on staying at a local guest house, you will have to spend your days sober. However, the locals have found an innovative solution to the problem. Maafushi has a stationary offshore boat that serves alcohol. This is legal under Maldivian law since the boat is located on open water.

Tourists must remain covered in public places. Women cannot wear off-shoulders dresses or clothes exposing the knee even on the beach. There are designated bikini beaches on most major local islands. Public nudity is illegal in the country. These restrictions do not apply on the private islands.

How to Plan Your Daily Budget for a Maldives Trip?

Since tourism is a major revenue source for the nation, everything tends to get more expensive during the peak tourist season between November and April. Last minute bookings are not encouraged especially if you do not want to blow a hole in your wallet. If Maldives is on your travel bucket list for the year, search for package deals at least six months in advance.

OV Holidays offers the largest collection of package deals for family holidays in Maldives. Visit their website for seasonal discounts on hotel fares. If you plan on visiting Maldives during the off-season, the rates tend to get cheaper. However, beware of the hot and sultry climate conditions. Transportation too takes a hit depending on the weather. Hence, if you plan on visiting Maldives during the summer or the monsoons, stay updated with the local weather conditions while traveling.

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