Jogja- A Calm Place witha Rich Cultural Heritage

3 Sacred Indonesian Places to Visit in Yogyakarta with One Day

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Finding good deal

Travel agents have all the access to tariffs, tour, and availability of rooms in hotels which you are not privileged. This saves you a lot of energy and time even after considering their fees. The agent will find a suitable hotel jogja while you visit this city. These hotels showcase natural elements, local culture infused with modern facilities. Some even feature a golf course, spa, swimming pool, and wellness center. These hotels are elegant with a spacious room and courteous, friendly staff.  Most of the hotels are furnished with air-conditioned rooms with attached toilets. You have free access to Wi-Fi, with a spotlessly clean room with excellent food.


Yogyakarta, often known as Jogja, is the capital of the special region of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. This city on Indonesian island boasts of its rich culture and cultural heritage—the 18th-century royal complex known as Kraton ornate this city.

The palace comprises an open courtyard, spacious, luxurious halls, pavilions built-in 1775-1756. The sultan still lives in the innermost part of this complex but can take a stroll in the outer courtyard. The massive Buddhist temple “Borobudur temple” situated in gorgeous mountain and landscape will fascinate you. The temple is only a few hour’s drives from the center of the city.

The diversity

The forest of Sumatra, volcanoes of Java, the spectacular beaches of Raja Ampat, the villages of Bali are all integral parts of the huge and diverse country of Indonesia with over 800 million population, various religions, traditions, and culture. The UNESCO listed Borobudur temple, which is only 40Km away, will awestruck you with its magnificence and architect. The volcanoes of Mount Merapi, which is just 50km away from the city, are the two best destinations of Jogja. There are several villages around Jogja where you can spend a few days in a homestay to relax and knowing the local culture and tradition.

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