European river cruises 2020: where to go?

Another year filled with options to go on a river cruise. Within Europe, there is a vast amount of rivers that you can take upon. To make life a bit easier we have selected the best European river cruises 2020.

1.The Netherlands and Belgium

With a variety of cities, nature and delicacies this is a true pearl. From the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, hosting a vast collection of Rembrandt paintings, to the tulip fields of the Keukenhof. This cruise will bring you the best The Netherlands has to offer. Based on your interest, you can also decide to travel to Rotterdam, a modern city with an International atmosphere known for its architecture. A good example is the Markthal, which won several architectural prizes for its outstanding design and structure.

Travel down south, you will experience Belgium with its beer and chocolate. The harbour city of Antwerp combined with the smaller cities of Brugge and Ghent give you a perfect impression of Belgian life, culture and architecture. Sit back with a nice Belgian beer and you will understand why the craft of beer brewing originates here.

2. Northern Italy

Italy is a country of pride and beauty, with cities like Rome and Florence. Further up north, you will find the city of Venice, known for their carnaval and canals. Your river cruise will head-off here, through the gems of Northern Italy. Visiting the smaller cities of Chioggia, Porto Viro and Burano will give you the impression of true Italy. Of course, not without the delicious food and wine the region offers!

3. Traveling the Rhine

The Rhine is a long river that stretches from Switzerland all the way down to The Netherlands. This provides you with the option to go on a cruise all the way down, or focus more extensively on a small portion. Starting off in the city of Basel, you can experience the ancient city’s Town Hall, gates bridges and Fine Arts Museum. Cruising the river will bring you to the Black Forest, a majestic forest known from many folk tales. Here you can make impressive hikes and visit ancient castles!

Found your pick in the European river cruises 2020 list? We have two more options left to go…

4. Royal River Thames

On the British Isles, you will find the Thames known as the Royal River. This river brings you from Dover, with its impressing white cliffs to the city center of London. Here you will be able to enjoy the epicentre of the old British Empire, with sights such as the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge. Other sight en-route are the university city of Oxford and many old castles and nature parks.

5. Portugal to Spain on the Douro

The Douro river had to be on the list of the best European river cruises 2020. With its starting point in Porto, you will experience Portuguese culture first-hand, enjoying Port wines and cheeses. Traveling down to Spain, where you will experience the Spanish and Portuguese blend in Salamanca.

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