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Explorer Tours wants to welcome everyone to receive an amazing experience exploring the hidden gems of a wonderful state – Colorado! Colorado is one of the best places to have some time just for yourself amidst outstanding natural sites, breathtaking wildlife, and diverse natural zones.

Even if you think that you have already seen many natural landmarks before, this region has so many things to surprise you with! You can’t imagine how different life is in another place until you see for yourself. And you can explore all the remarkable sites of CO with a professional team and experienced guides. We are happy to welcome you to see all of the state’s beauty and uniqueness!

Travel packages

Not many travelers are familiar with all worth visiting landmarks of Colorado when they first come to the state. In that case, take our daily excursions to be sure to have a full-fledged experience and don’t miss anything.

Every tour includes up to 4-5 unique locations that you’ll be able to explore. Choose a trip to Mt. Evans summit – a part of the well-known Rockies – to see the beauty of the region from a bird’s eye perspective. You can also have a Rocky Mountain National Park vacation, that many travelers just adore. The information about every trip is presented on the website.

The team

The tours we arrange will evoke the most positive and warm emotions in you because we’re focused on the quality of the programs, the level of service, the guides we’re hiring, so they can keep our clients interested all the time.

We provide a high-quality experience for our guests while building trust and friendship with them. We try to meet all the customers’ requirements, needs and wishes to make their experience perfect. The online booking system is available 24/7 and allows getting a tour in advance. And there is a phone number below to reach out to the team in case of any questions.

Visit our website to book your next fantastic trip.

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