7 Tourist Attractions Around Lake Toba that Must Be Visited

This natural lake located in the Caldera of Mount Supervolcano has a length of 100 km and a width of 30 km. In addition, its location in the middle of North Sumatra province has a depth of 505 meters and a height of about 900 meters from the surface. Lake Toba also has the title of the largest volcanic lake in the world.

Lake Toba was formed from a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. One of the famous legends of this lake is the legend of Lake Toba. The legend is what attracts many tourists to visit this place. Not only Lake Toba tourism, but the surrounding area is also interesting. Tourist attractions offered in this place ranging from hills, beaches, waterfalls, and even lodging are available. Here are some interesting tourist attractions around Lake Toba that you can explore.

  • Tuktuk Siadong Village

This village is trendy in the ears of local and foreign tourists. If tourists want to explore Lake Toba in more detail, this village is the right place to stop. Having a row of inns for tourists and presenting views of Lake Toba are the advantages of lodging in this village. No wonder this village has earned the nickname tourist village because so many enthusiastic tourists stay in this village. In addition to offering Lake Toba tours, this village also offers hiking activities on beautiful hills and the charm of its cool white sand beaches.

  • Tomok Tourist Village

This village has had a positive impact on its residents in trade, agriculture, and of course, tourism. You will see various cultures from tombs, exotic old church buildings to motorized rickshaw transportation. Even the villagers have mastered English, making it easier for foreign tourists to communicate. Tomok Tourism Village has a location point at one of the entrances to Samosir Island from the Parapat Tourism Port. Tourists will be offered a typical view of the Batak village. They are starting from the ancient tombs of Batak kings, traditional houses, and sigale-gale statues.

  • Paropo Beach

The beach, which is located around the Lake Toba area, provides perfect beauty for tourists. Especially for photography lovers, they will be delighted with the view of the green hills with the combination of the sky turning golden, especially at dusk. When you watch the sunset and sunrise here, you will be as if stupefied by its beauty. Of course, camping is very supportive at this tourist location. Famous for the best camping facilities, tourists include this beach in the list of camping plans.

  • Aek Rangat Pangururan

One of the favorite destinations for tourists, Aek Rangat Pangururan means hot water, is a hot spring that steals a lot of tourists’ attention. Named Aek Rangat because of its location on the slopes of the active Mount Pusuk Buhit. The origin of this hot water is derived from limestone that emits a spring. The facilities of this place are several hot spring pools that have different levels of heat. In addition, there is also a shallow bathing pool suitable for children. Often they are also used as a photo spot for pre-wedding. When you’re hungry after a soak, try eating at the snack and drink stalls around the area.

  • Sapo Juma Tongging Flower Garden

Want to spoil your eyes with beautiful flower views? Then you must visit this flower garden. The location is close to the tourist area of ​​Lake Toba. Originally, Sapo Juma was a villa surrounded by flower gardens and directly facing the view of Lake Toba. The scenery of various types of flowers and colors will make your mind more fresh, fresh, and relaxed. Tourists can take various interesting photo poses here. You can be sure there will be a lot of likes on your Instagram feed.

  • Pusuk Buhit

This tourist location is considered a sacred place for residents. They believe that this place is the birthplace of the Batak tribe. Pusuk Buhit is a mountain with the title of the highest peak in the Lake Toba area. Being in three districts at the same time makes this tourist spot even more unique. The three sub-districts are Panguruan, Harian Boho, and Sianjur Mula-Mula. This tourist spot is surrounded by giant pine trees standing upright from the bottom to the top, and the rocks add to the mysterious impression. In addition to its mysterious charm, in this place you can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from the top of the Tele Pandang Tower.

  • Binanga Bolon Waterfall

For tourists who like a challenge, you need to visit this tourist location. This tourist spot is very attractive for tourists who hunt and seek hidden natural beauty. Because to reach the location of the Binanga Bolon waterfall, takes a lot of guts. A location that is not easy to penetrate because you have to pass through the jungle to reach it. This waterfall has the artistic beauty of bamboo in the form of tendrils that resemble a green gate. Guaranteed, the view will relieve fatigue while heading to the location.

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