What Makes Ohio Such a Great State to Live In?

If you are considering a move to Ohio, learning what residents love about the state the most can provide some reassurance and give you great things to look forward to as you plan the final stages of moving. There are so many amazing things about living in Ohio, and before you move, you can learn them all.

Everyone looks for specific things in their future city or state, and that surely applies to you as well. If any of your preferences are listed below, you will know that Ohio is the right choice for you. As you consider your move to Ohio, or other possible options, ponder these things that make Ohio such a great place to live:

Weather and Location

If you love experiencing the four seasons, Ohio is the state for you. Residents enjoy the fact that they get the true four seasons in Ohio and can revel in all of the seasonal changes. If you love seasonal activities like skiing or snow tubing in the winter, heading to the pumpkin patch in the fall, and heading to the pool in the summer, Ohio has everything you need.

In addition to the great weather, Ohio is also very well-placed geographically. It is right in the heart of the country, almost exactly halfway between New York City and Chicago, and conveniently located to reach Boston, Toronto, Washington D.C. within a day. In fact, almost half of the population of the country live within 500 miles of Columbus. If you want to live right in the heart of the country, there are plenty of Columbus apartments for rent.   


Ohio is also known as being a low-cost-of-living state. While the state has a large population, several large cities with all the benefits of large metro areas, and plenty of the perks of a large state, the cost-of-living is very low compared to other large states.

Several aspects of cost-of-living are also very affordable in Ohio. Housing is very affordable compared to other states and metro areas. In addition, healthcare is relatively reasonable in Ohio. Low cost-of-living is certainly a characteristic that makes Ohio a great place to live.

Many Exciting Things to Do

Ohio is also well-known for several popular attractions. If you enjoy exploring new places and attractions, Ohio will have plenty for you to do every week. Besides great restaurants and bars, Ohio is also home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Notably, Ohio is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as Cedar Point and Kings Island amusement parks. So another great thing about living in Ohio is all the fun things you can do.

If you are thinking of moving to Ohio, there is no better time to take the plunge. You will love the four seasons, the convenient location, the low cost-of-living, and all of the great attractions you can visit over and over again.

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