Top Attractions In Union Square San Francisco

The number of people traveling around is increasing at an alarming pace. The trend doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. On the contrary, the travel industry is witnessing a steady increase in traffic. A significant number of travelers prefer the United States as their favorite destination. Modern amenities and posh areas make the US stand out from most nations. All of its places are worth visiting. Union Square San Francisco is a special mention here. Let’s get more information before drawing any conclusion.

Attractions in Union Square San Francisco

The good news is many travelers visit this lovely region. The sad part is most of them fail to maximize their visits. A majority of travelers just book a hotel stay and explore a couple of areas before leaving the region. Despite investing enough money and time, they derive minimal benefits. As a smart traveler, you’d like to maximize the perks of your visit. Here’s a list of attractions in and around Union Square.

Cable car turnaround

San Francisco is popular for its classic cable cars. So, if you wish to satisfy your inner tourist, don’t forget to check out the cable car turnaround. Just hop on one of the routes to Downtown San Francisco and Fisherman’s Wharf. You may either waive at the local from the car or enjoy watching the areas that may come along.

Martin Lawrence galleries

Do you’ve a knack for paintings and antics? If your answer is yes, you’ll be delighted to visit Martin Lawrence galleries. It has been in existence since 1975. The gallery highlights original sculptures, paintings, and limited edition graphics of prominent artists. Additionally, it promises top-quality artwork from Marc Chagall, François Fressinier, Philippe Bertho, and many others.

American Conservatory Theatre

It’s one of the highly acclaimed theatres that you’ll find in Union Square San Francisco. The American conservatory theatre is a performing arts theater famous for producing dynamic plays. Plus, it showcases world-class acting. The main theater is spectacular and iconic, filled with extravagant decorations and ornate architecture. If you get an opportunity to catch a live show at the theater, you’ll pat your back for your attempt.

Bourbon and Branch

This spot is a must-visit in Union Square. It’s set up to let you experience a real-life ambiance filled with a set of house rules that everyone has to follow. Visitors are expected to stay quiet and not use cell phones. Plus, you aren’t permitted to take photos. Bourbon and Branch intends to let you feel like you’re truly in the 1920s.

Belden Place

If you wish to enjoy a taste of Europe, then Belden Place put to be your priority. It’s an alley (near Union Square) popularly called City’s French Quarter. When you sit at one of the outdoor patios, you’ll feel as if you’re in Europe. Belden Place serves cuisines from Spain, France, Italy, and more.

Concluding words

Union Square San Francisco offers a myriad of attractions and restuarants like Whether it’s enjoying a ride or savoring a play, you can find everything at this magnificent destination. Just make sure you plan your itinerary beforehand to maximize your trip.

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