Top 10 Wine Routes for Wine Lovers in France

Exploring several wine routes in France is a great adventure, especially for wine lovers.

A wine trail is a course targeted towards tourists. A wine route brings you into the core of wine-producing districts. These destinations fully introduce you to several local wines, makers, as well as key grape plantations. That’s not all, tourists enjoy local cuisines, cultures, and other provincial attractions.

There are ten wine routes you need to explore when you tour France next. Keep reading.

France’s Finest Wine Routes

If you decide to tour French wine routes, then maybe you should start with these ten.

  • Loire Valley

This wine route in France is a unique destination. You can afford to miss this spot. There are various wine courses in the Loire Valley to explore. Apart from enjoying different tastes of fine wines at these routes, there are other personalized services for tourists to have fun with.

  • Rhône Valley

This valley, because of its length, geography, and environment, is partitioned into two wine districts. The tight, steep grape plantations of Northern Rhône spread through the western banks of the Rhône River. Voyaging south, the area slightly straightens out and has a warmer, Mediterranean environment.

  • Alsace

This French wine route has lovely stylish houses. There are numerous blossom boxes on the windows and storks settling on roofs of Alsace. It’s a portrait of the Brothers Grimm fantasy, and very conducive in falls. This wine course was set up in 1953, which is one of the most established in France, stretching through 170km north-south while twisting through seventy villages.

  • Provence

With fabulous environments most appropriate for grapes, this French region caters to wild shrubs, and a lot of plants home to assortments of grapes. Among them are a few which are exclusive to Provence. This wine route has several unique wines that can’t be found elsewhere.

  • Bordeaux

This fabulous wine route has earned its name into a wine. While Bordeaux is an overall term for many wines, it still demonstrates how original the Bordeaux district is.

  • Burgundy

Wine lovers will have a good time touring this French wine route. The route comprises everyday visits, multi-day visits, two district visits, and unique visits. You would encounter the good flavor of wines from Burgundy, they are very original.

  • Cognac

Also as home to a famous wine brand, this wine route houses lots of great French wines. Cognac is a town in France. In Cognac, the Cognac wine is made in the districts of the Departments of Charente and Charente-Maritime.

  • Beaujolais

Beaujolais is also home to many popular wines. As a beautiful wine route, it accommodates various wines in different flavors. The landscape of vineyards in Beaujolais is among the most appealing in France.

  • Champagne

There are all kinds of good French wines in Champagne. If you truly enjoy great wines, a tour of this wine route is breathtaking! From the byways to the parkways are loads of assorted wines in different flavors.

  • South West

This wine course is best known for Malbec. The route has excellent vineyards for producing some of the best French wines tourists are attracted to. Red wine is also home to some sub-region of this wine route. Other areas are known for an assortment of white wines.


These are some of the most lovely wine scenic routes in France. As a wine lover, exploring any of them would offer you unforgettable experiences. Get a taste of red wine from South of France vineyards. Red wine from these French regions is superb.

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