The right Deals for the Tour in Croatia

The Croatia more than ever is at its peak and tourism seems to have really conquered the people. Every day hundreds of people come here on the Blog looking for information about this destination of beaches and cinematic cities.

Many tourists decided to visit the country and it is clear that the series Game of Thrones , recorded in part in the country also gave a boost to this tourist boom. The fact is that Croatia is a perfect destination for those looking for beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea, impressive natural landscapes and clear history, a recent history that has affected the country and its people.

We took a 9-day trip through Croatia during the European summer and have already written here on the Blog 20 Posts with Reports, Images and Tips to inspire other travelers to also plan their trip through this wonderful country. Start planning your trip in Croatia now. Here are the things you need to know about the Croatian Adventure Tours.

What to see and do in Croatia? What are the entry formalities?

When is the best time to go and how to get around? Where to stay according to your budget and your desires? What is the cost of living and can you pay in euros? These are the most frequently asked questions of itinerant travelers planning a trip to Croatia.  

If you are looking for travel ideas in Europe or a city trip, a beautiful getaway on the shores of the Adriatic should be essential to you whatever the season. In addition to a relatively attractive cost of living, the Hrvatska Republic does not lack arguments.  

Some Words on Croatia

Croatia is one of the most obvious gateways to discover the Western Balkans between sea and mountains, countryside and plains. A country shaped by a host of influences; dominated by the Adriatic on its sea front and its islands, traversed by mountain ranges over a large part of its territory and shaped by the Danube and its great plain to the east. 

  • At the crossroads of the West and the East, it reveals a strong identity, a proud people, a fascinating melting pot of cultures and history and various facets, landscapes, traditions and flavors. It has become one of the destinations rising tourist destinations in South-Eastern Europe. However, it retains certain strangeness, even a hint of exoticism,probably because of its location in the Balkans, which for many still carries prejudices that are not always positive.
  • Croatia is suitable for all ages and ages , including if you are traveling with small children in the car. Recommended for solo trips, as a couple, with friends, in a group or with the family, it is  approximately 1h45 to 2h30 from France by direct flight . One of Croatia’s strong points is that you can travel there all year round although it is best to go between April and mid June, and mid September  mid October avoiding the bulk of summer tourism. to better benefit from this country and the variety of its heritage ..
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