The Excitement of Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day

Indonesia’s Independence Day is celebrated every year in August, with a variety of fun activities. The excitement can’t be separated from the signature independence day games activities. Unique games to celebrate with various competitions, holidays, and more. There are so many activities that can be done during Independence Day in Indonesia. Well, here are some interesting and recommended activities during Indonesia’s Independence Day. 

Fun Activities on Indonesia’s Independence Day

Don’t miss out on various exciting activities that can be done on the day of the proclamation, such as:

  1. Independence Day Ceremony

The ceremony will take place on August 17 every year. There will be a flag-raising ceremony for the first event at 10.00 am. Meanwhile, the flag lowering ceremony is held in the afternoon.

You can feel your own solemnity when you attend the ceremony in person at your respective place or when you watch the broadcast of the ceremony at the Merdeka Palace.

  1. Independence Day Contests

This activity has become an identity and cannot be left alone. In fact, there will be these historic competitions in every school, village, or home with family. Interesting competitions, such as eating crackers, marbles on spoons, sack racing, clog racing, and climbing areca nut, are held. Fun fact is, it’s not only children who celebrate the independence of the competitions but also mothers and fathers can participate.

  1. Carnival

One of the most anticipated activities is a carnival with various cosplay performances. However, it still brings a background history and vibes to remember the struggle to reach the Independence Day in Indonesia.

Usually, the carnival will be held by each sub-district and represented by each leader or village representatives. Interestingly, the number of participants is also huge with the various attractive costumes being displayed. Carnival is always fascinating and memorable every year.

  1. Take a Holiday Tour

You can also tour using Indonesia holiday packages to visit historical and natural attractions. One of the best ways is to visit natural attractions such as lakes, hills, waterfalls, and other tourist attractions. Choose a tourist area, such as Bandung, Jogja, Malang, and others, to quickly determine the choice of natural tourist destinations you want to visit.

However, don’t worry, you can still experience holiday packages in urban areas by visiting museums, historic cafes, and other unique places.

It’s a shame you don’t do fun activities on Indonesia’s Independence Day. Of course, each activity will give you different memories to remember and make into a history of its own.

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