The Comeback of public transport Post lockdown

There is a huge demand and cry for bringing back governmental public transport for the

working class. Since 25th March, 2020 when the lockdown started till very late in 2020, public transport had to be shut down to take precautions and also the staff had to be on lockdown too.

A life changing situation for many that not everybody was prepared for and migrant labourers from other cities had no option but to go back to their villages and towns. Social distancing and isolation in the case of Covid cases from one another be it at our own houses or in the hospitals, did end up making the city that never sleeps come to a standstill and literally became the city that sleeps.

One of the most convenient ways to make it back to different cities and villages was by making booking via IRCTC, a public sector undertaking that has a portal to make any ticketing simpler for the public. The wide array of things that can be booked on their platform is really diverse as it has things such as train tickets, bus tickets and flight tickets. The unique part of the platform is that you could also book food at your arrival destination through the app which makes travelling a lot easier.

There are also private companies such as MakeMyTrip that have been around for many years that are for things such as inter city train station booking  to a fully packaged trip to the bahamas. The platform MakeMyTrip is one of the most reliable and most recognizable brands as they have been the people’s first choice to book from for local or international transportation.

But the real problems that lie in such a commercial and busy city like Mumbai are its intercity transport for things such as metros, buses, and trains and the easy way of booking things such as a bus ticket.

The government had rules in place for things such as a train and its daily rules were that only allowed emergency personal and government employees were allowed to travel in them until a few weeks ago they allowed people back into the trains to travel and move for work throughout the city as it was a much awaited thing as it was a necessity.

The IRCTC have done their homework and identified a need the public has in the midst of a lockdown and come out with a great Website and app for making Indians lifes easier and safer by making a well executed train ticket booking app and bus ticket booking app by the government website/app for people to make their transportation go smoother and easier.

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