Some of the Best and Popular White and Red Wines Party in Cruise

Today in this guide we will look at different types of wines and the difference between the same. Some of the most popular types of white wine are as follows –

Chardonnay & Riesling – 

Chardonnay is different from Riesling. Chardonnay is a full-bodied white wine that is global and the most popular variety comes from the US. The best type of chardonnay is oak-age, you can also get crisp fruit flavors like pear and apple that have a citrus aroma, including spice and vanilla.

Riesling is one of the best wines of Germany which originates from the Rhine Valley. It is sweet and acidic and manages well with honey flavors. You can take this wine with rich foods like spicy Asian cuisines and pork.

Pinot Grigio & Sauvignon Blanc – 

To know more about wines and wine tasting view website and click here. Pinot Grigio is a typical Italian White Wine. This is one of the lightest, refreshing, and dry wines which comes with crisp fruit flavors like that of apple, or pear. There is a different style of cultivation, where the wines have floral aromas and minerality. Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio can be taken with seafood and specifically shellfish.

Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, dry, light white wine that comprises citrus notes and grassy aromas. If the wine is aged in oak, then it has a spice and vanilla flavor. This wine will taste great with grilled chicken and vegetables.

Some of the Popular Red Wines are as follows – 

Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir – 

It is described as a gem of Napa Valley and is a full-bodied red wine that is rich and robust. It is aged in French oak, and dark fruit flavors are combined with earthy aromas and other flavors. Red meat is a perfect combination with this wine.

Then, comes Pinot Noir which is a red wine whose grapes are from a cold climate. It is very smooth and fruit-forward. Pinot mainly consists of red-fruit aromas like that of cherry with spices and earthy aroma.

Syrah and Zinfandel – 

It is a bold and rich red wine with dark fruits, spice, and pepper combinations. In Australia, the Syrah is known as Shiraz and is sweeter than jam. It is good for hearty meat dishes and is complex and rich in fruity flavors.

Zinfandel grapes are found in America and are grown more popularly in California. It is aged American oak and has a ripe fruit flavor like jam and spices. It is a more alcoholic type of wine and it goes well with smoked or grilled dishes.

Malbec & Merlot – 

Malbec originated from France and is popular in Argentina. It is a deep red wine that comes with dark berry fruit flavors and medium tannins. Steak and other grilled dishes are a good combination with Malbec.

Merlot is one of the popular grapes of Bordeaux it mainly grows in America’s western region. It is very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon and is fruit-flavored. Red fruits, aromas, smooth tannins, spice, and vanilla are the notes along with oak aging.

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