Snir Hananya Reveals the 3 Countries That Every Nature Lover Should Visit

Do you love nature? Do you like to breathe in the freshness of nature and run through the twisting and turning paths in the forests, mountains, and deserts? Not everyone is blessed to live in a country that offers all of these terrains and dynamics. Perhaps, you live in a country that’s an overall plain and does not offer you in terms of natural sights and experiences. Worry not because Snir Hananya has just the best countries that he thinks you will fall in love with if you love nature. 

These countries offer some great natural landscapes. That’s not it! They offer plenty of nature in a variety of forms, making you feel as though you have stepped in heaven. Let’s find out about the 3 best countries in the world that you should visit if you love nature. 


Have you ever seen those eerie wallpapers with greenish lights on a dark backdrop of the sky? Those are northern lights and they are something rare. You don’t find them in many countries, but Norway offers plenty of them. Once you have experienced this magical moment of neon lights in the sky, you can go near the beaches and see some whales peeking at you from the stretches of the sea. If you have a passion for hiking and biking, you are going to consider living in Norway forever because of the Fjords. 

If you are not already aware, Norway is located at the extremes of North Pole, which means sun likes to be a different in this place. If you visit during the summer season, you’ll be yearning for nights to come but they don’t. The sun does not like to go down during summers, but as soon as winters arrive, the sun goes away and doesn’t seem too interested in coming back. This phenomenon due to being close to the North Pole makes Norway unique according to Snir Hananya. 


Once you reach there, you experience the true quietness of the earth. The populated cities most people live in offer nothing but pollution and noise. On the other hand, Iceland is all about nature, freshness, and quietness. You will be glad to know that just like Norway, Iceland also offers you a free show of the Northern Lights. Do you often wonder if there is a country that can offer you clean water without chemicals? You have discovered the best place in the form of Iceland. 

The dancing streams from the mountains come down without being interrupted by humans or their waste. The geothermal spas in Iceland make it one of the rarest countries of the world to offer you that. Last but not least, Iceland is home to traveling, gliding, and floating glaciers. They look like icy vehicles on black ocean waters. 


You might be wondering why America is on this list but it could even be the topper on this list. What a lot of people don’t understand about America is that it has 50 states offering you so many things that you could not cover everything even in a 1000-word book. However, if you like nature, there is plenty for you in this country other than skyscrapers, big bridges, and fast moving fighter jets. However, you have to know that only certain states in the US offer you great natural landscapes and sights. 

Some of the states that you would love to visit for your adventure to find nature include Wisconsin, Nevada, South Dakota, and Washington State. From rainforests and deserts to dunes and high mountain peaks, they offer you everything you need. 

Final Thoughts

Snir Hananya believes that people should have a theme or motive in mind when they visit different places and countries. You don’t want to visit them just because a lot of people admire them. You have to know what appeals to you and makes you fall in love. After that, you have to decide the appropriate place and pay a visit to be spiritually rejuvenated. 

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