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2020 was not an easy year for everyone. All over the world, life has been turned upside down by the coronavirus and it is still impossible to think back to normality before Covid-19. Even engaged couples were or are affected by the measures to contain the pandemic not an easy situation for everyone involved.

Many weddings had to be canceled, postponed or rescheduled, and we supported numerous bridal couples. Since the beginning of the corona crisis, we have been providing ongoing information on the development of the measures and free advice to those affected. We also offer our customers flexible cancellation conditions. Most newlyweds have postponed their wedding until 2021. Some have just postponed the celebration and got married in 2020, others have postponed the wedding, including the marriage ceremony and party. But now we know that unfortunately there is no security for weddings in 2021 either. That’s why in this article we show you how we got married in 2020 and what weddings could look like this year.  The Mississauga Party Bus is the best party transport here.

Weddings during Corona: This is how we got married in 2020!

If you’re planning your wedding for this year, be sure to check out how they got married in 2020. This gives you clues to estimate the upcoming wedding season.

Shortly before the start of the wedding season in May 2020, due to the lockdown, partying was out of the question. Those who were lucky could get married in pairs at the registry office. But more was not possible due to the ban on contact then came the gradual easing. Marriages as well as church weddings and wedding celebrations were allowed again under certain conditions. However, there were strong regional differences, as the federal states decide individually on easing the corona measures.

At the height of the wedding season in July and August 2020, small celebrations were allowed everywhere. In some regions several hundred guests were allowed to be invited and dancing and buffets were also allowed in some cases. However, mouth and nose protection had to be worn in many places (for example at the entrance to the church, in the registry office or in publicly accessible areas of the location) and the minimum distance of 1.50 m had to be observed. Organizers often had to submit a hygiene concept for celebrations, especially if they did not take place in private living spaces.

Outdoor celebrations were particularly popular in summer 2020. In many federal states, the number of participants allowed for outdoor events was greater than for indoor celebrations. The reason: the risk of infection is lower outdoors. Accordingly, less strict regulations regarding the distance and hygiene rules to be observed often applied in the open air.

Your Wedding In 2021: You Should Consider That

Depending on the further development of the corona pandemic, the currently applicable corona measures will affect your wedding in 2021. The question is: How will the federal government react to future developments in order to keep the risk of infection but also the restrictions on life as low as possible. So far, the regulations have been made by the individual federal states depending on the development of the corona crisis. The measures in their currently valid version are usually only valid for a short time and can change at any moment.

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