Parasailing In Tenerife – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in Tenerife and enjoy its beautiful islands and rich heritage, then there are numerous options for you to make your tour even more beautiful. You can try parasailing, also known as Parascending an amazing water sport. It is the most popular water sport in Tenerife. Not only you will enjoy it a lot but also you will get a chance to live the beauty of the scenery of the Tenerife from a height.

However, while being on a tour in a new area it is quite difficult to plan things in the right way. Hence Club canary, a tour company with 5-star services is there to make your tour easy and super fun. It is a fully staffed touring agency, that provides its customers with the best services with the best price guarantee. Here you can book your tours and can also clear your queries. It will plan a proper tour, starting from water sports like Parascending Tenerife to arranging whale watching tours and boat hires.

About Parasailing in Tenerife

After getting booked, the journey starts from the Puerto Colon, where the tour guide meets the passenger, after which they were seated and provided with their life jackets. Later when the boat sets off, they were introduced to the necessary things they should know about the parasailing.

After which the passengers were called based on their turn. After getting called they were to the platform, and again they were provided with the necessary information. Then the passengers were safely attached to the kite. After getting arranged, they were told to stand in a sitting position where they were let and raised above the air little by little. Based on the number of passengers in a particular group, they can be paired up with two to three persons.

Experience that you can have

As the Parascending takes happens near the coastline of Costa Ajeda and Las Americas, you can enjoy the beauty of the Tenerife from a height, which is enough to mesmerize you. You can enjoy your Parascending moment and can also get the soothing breeze of the coastline that will calm your mind and help you with your stress and anxiety. However, the whole tour is of about 40 minutes where you will get about 10 minutes in the sky, which is definitely enough to get the best experience of your life.

Also, the takeoff and landing are done in the presence of professionals with all the necessary precautions hence you don’t have to worry about any accident else.

Tips to make your Parascending even more fun

  • Choose a day with the perfect climate, so that you can enjoy the moment in a better way.
  • Don’t forget to keep a camera with you so that you can capture the beautiful scenery and moments.
  • In case you’re having your tour in the winter season, take your pullovers and warm clothing as it may be quite cold then as usual.
  • Try to book your tour quite ahead of the time, so that if you get into any problem or bad climate you can reschedule it according to your convenience.


Tenerife is a beautiful place with admirable views and scenery and a perfect place to spend your vacation. Hence, add extra fun to your vacation with Parascending and other water sports.

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