Keys To Composing Your Photographs In Square Format

The square format has acquired rabid fame since the incursion of some social networks, especially Instagram. So much so that there may be those who think it is a new phenomenon, which has come from the hand of the smartphone. Nothing is further from reality, many years ago since this format exists and new technologies have only popularized it and brought it to the podium of fame.


In square compositions centring the subject (or the object) is something that works very well. In the panoramic format, it is necessary to find a balance that is not so necessary in the square, since this in itself is already balanced. You can even place the horizon in the middle without fear because it looks good.

Include Lines

It is true that when photographing landscapes in new York:, the square format is not the most suitable nor the most flattering, however, if there are roads, rivers or any other element that forms a line (straight or curved) in the scene, try to include it in the frame, you will see that in this case, the result is very different and worth it.

Motive To The Corner

Another option that works very well is to place the pattern in a corner, or on a border, also cut, that is, it fills the border space.

Negative Space

The negative space is another great compositional device that you can use in your photos 1: 1 and delivers great results. It leaves a clean image and concentrates all the attention on the subject.

Includes Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are also highly favoured with the square format; perhaps it is due to the special geometry that this offers, due to symmetry or balance, we do not need to know the cause, the important thing is to know that it works (and very well).

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