Five Safety Tips For Using An Airbnb 

Finding an Airbnb that perfectly matches your needs is one of the best feelings. It is like finding some cool spot in the middle of a desert. But before you jump in and enjoy your stay, you must know some safety tips. In this short guide, we talk about some of the important things to do before and during your stay at an Airbnb.

Safety tips for using Airbnb

These are some of the tips you should apply when you’re traveling or staying at an Airbnb:

Read the rules

Most hosts have some rules about their places. Some are simple and tell you how to make your stay more enjoyable. Others are specific about what they do or do not permit in the building. For instance, it could say no dogs or cats. (This is an example, not a generalization). So be sure to read the rules or ask the host. You can find some of these instructions in the description (“About The Space”) on the websites or scroll down and click “House Rules.”

Check the ratings and reviews

Former guests must have a thing or two to say about a place. You can check Airbnb’s website to find out what others are saying. Let’s say you want to search for Airbnbs in Sliema. Select the ones that meet your needs and scroll down to see what the previous users have said.

Doing this has a lot of safety implications. You’ll understand what the experience is like. Reviews from other humans are like feedback on what to expect when staying in the building. Sometimes, the review will surprise you. For instance, some hosts go the extra mile to make their guests comfortable even when they don’t have to. This means you will feel safe with them. You can’t be sure of this type of gesture unless other humans who have used the place tell you about it.

Review the home safety feature

When you check the Airbnb website, there is a button for ‘Home Safety.” This page lets you understand what features you have access to in terms of security, safety, and emergencies. Traditionally, each house should have a smoke detector; extra points if they have a first aid box for your use.

If you’re a person with special needs, consider checking for that. Does the entrance have a ramp? Do the rooms have adjustable worktops or wider doorways so people with disabilities can use them?

Call your host

After bookings, calling your host can make it easier or ascertain the friendly treatment you will get. It is also an opportunity to talk about things you want to know. They might have questions for you, and you might have some for them. Calling is a step further to know if the building, host, and guest are perfect matches.

Confirm the features on arrival

When you get to the place for the first time, take your time to inspect the building. This process should be divided into two phases. First, the host should give you a tour to let you know everything is in order. Second, you should inspect the place on your own to see if there are features that can put you in danger or expose your privacy.

Stay safe by taking action

It is important to be vigilant at all times when renting an Airbnb space. Regardless of what you read online or what they claim to offer, you will be partially responsible for your safety during your stay.

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