Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Guide for First-Timers

A trip up Everest in 2022 will cost anywhere from USD 30,000 to USD 160,000, with the average being around USD 45,000.

You may be wondering why there is such a wide price range. There are numerous ways to customize your climb up Mount Everest, and the price will largely depend on how much you’re willing to pay for associated costs such as support, transportation, food, and gear.

A personal climbing guide can cost up to USD 5,000, a porter for loading and unloading begins at USD 3,000, and a guide who provides cooking services begins at USD 2,000. Remember that climbers are expected to cover bonuses and generously tip helpers.

Food will cost you anywhere from USD 20 to USD 30 in the Everest region.

Permits are one of the most expensive aspects of climbing Mount Everest and are unavoidable. However, there are two approaches to Everest, each with its own price: the Northside in Tibet and the Southside in Nepal. The permit costs USD 11,000 in Nepal and USD 8,000 in Tibet.

Supplemental oxygen is crucial to high-altitude climbs like Everest. Each oxygen bottle, which costs nearly USD 600, will be used by the average Everest climber. Climbers also require an oxygen mask and regulator, which costs an additional USD 600. Remember that climbers must also provide oxygen for their guides and porters if they hire them.

Contrary to such an expensive climb to Everest, the Everest Base Camp trek is very cheap. 

The money you need for the Everest Base Camp Trek is not set in stone. But in aggregate. the trip would range from USD 1200 TO USD 4500. It depends on the route, the agency, and the services they provide. The cost is again factored by accommodation, food, permits, guides, porters, etc., just like the climb.

The Everest Base Camp trek permits are very cheap compared to the expedition. You will require two permits. The first permit is the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality permit. It costs USD 20 per individual/week for the first 4 weeks. Following that, it costs USD 25 per individual/week for beyond 4 weeks. The other permit is the Sagarmatha National Park permit which costs USD 30 per person.

A porter typically costs between USD 20 and USD 25 per day, whereas a guide typically costs between USD 30 and USD 35 per day. A single porter can carry up to 20 kg of luggage. Premium guides can charge up to USD 50 per day. The overall trek guides will cost you around USD 500 at most. 

The food and accommodation costs are also relatively cheaper. This is because of the lower altitude of the trek. Depending on the itinerary, the accommodation will cost you around USD 150 to USD 250. The food cost is similar as well. Food costs USD 25 to USD 30 a day. So it will cost around USD 250 to USD 300.

You will not need oxygen supplements as a compulsion in the Base Camp trek. The gears also need not be very sophisticated. EBC trek is a great option for a cheaper and more convenient means of Everest region exploration.

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