Carry-On Considerations: Understanding Southwest Airlines’ Free Carry-On Policy

Understanding an airline’s carry-on policy is crucial to avoid unexpected surprises or additional expenses when planning a trip. Southwest Airlines, a renowned U.S. carrier, has gained popularity for its exceptional customer service and unique policies. In this blog, we will explore Southwest Airlines’ free carry-on policy, its benefits, and how it differs from other airlines.

Southwest Airlines Overview

Southwest Airlines has made a name for itself by providing affordable fares and outstanding customer service. As one of the major U.S. carriers, it has become a top choice for travelers seeking hassle-free journeys. Along with its excellent reputation, Southwest Airlines is known for its distinctive policies such as Southwest flight change policy that set it apart from other airlines.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Southwest Airlines baggage policy aims to simplify the travel experience. Unlike many other airlines, Southwest offers a generous free checked baggage policy, allowing passengers to check in up to two bags without incurring additional fees. This policy is particularly advantageous for those traveling with heavier or bulkier items. Additionally, Southwest Airlines does not charge flight change fees, making it a flexible option for travelers.

Understanding Southwest’s Free Carry-On Policy

Carry-on bags provide convenience and accessibility during travel, and Southwest Airlines recognizes their significance. Southwest allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard for free. The carry-on bag must adhere to specific size and weight restrictions, ensuring it fits safely in the overhead compartments or under the seat. By embracing a free carry-on policy, Southwest Airlines saves travelers money on baggage fees and reduces wait times during boarding.

Southwest Flight Change and Its Impact on Carry-Ons

It’s common for travel plans to change unexpectedly, and Southwest Airlines understands the need for flexibility. When changing flights, Southwest’s carry-on policy remains consistent, allowing passengers to carry their carry-on bags throughout the journey. This policy alleviates concerns about the hassle of transferring luggage during flight changes and ensures a smoother travel experience.


Understanding Southwest Airlines’ free carry-on policy is essential for travelers seeking a convenient and cost-effective flying experience. By allowing free carry-on bags and maintaining consistent policies during flight changes, Southwest Airlines demonstrates its commitment to passenger satisfaction. Before your next Southwest flight, please familiarize yourself with their carry-on policy to maximize the benefits of this unique offering.


Can I bring a musical instrument as a carry-on item?

Yes, musical instruments can be brought as carry-on items, provided they adhere to the carry-on size restrictions and fit in the overhead compartments or under the seat.

How does Southwest Airlines handle fragile or valuable items as carry-ons?

Passengers are responsible for ensuring the safety of fragile or valuable items. Southwest recommends securing them appropriately and considering additional protection measures if necessary.

Are there any specific restrictions for medical equipment carried as a carry-on bag?

Southwest Airlines accommodates passengers with medical equipment as carry-on items, but it’s advisable to contact the airline in advance to ensure compliance with any specific requirements.

What happens if my carry-on bag exceeds the size or weight limits?

If a carry-on bag exceeds Southwest’s size or weight limits, it must be checked in as a checked bag, subject to applicable fees.

Can I change my Southwest flight without affecting my carry-on bag allowance?

Yes, changing a Southwest flight does not affect the carry-on bag allowance. Passengers can keep their carry-on bags with them during flight changes.

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