All You Need to Know About Camping in Maui –

Introduction –

Maui is a small island and one of the amazing things that you will know about Maui is that, it is a residence to some of the best car camping spots all around the globe. It has a great weather all throughout the year. Also, it has multiple climate zones in such a minute radius, and there are also stellar views that you can enjoy and would not get anywhere in the world. So, one of the best vacationing spots is Maui and there you can do camping with Zazu Campers Maui. You could be camping along the beautiful beach or waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore at Papalaua Wayside Park. Or the sunshine falling on your face. Or it can also happen that you can sit next to your partner in a cold 6,200 feet elevated Polipoli area.

Waianapanapa State Park –

Also, it is possible that while vacationing in Maui, you crush the jungles of Hana and also do camping in a beauteous Waianapanapa State Park. There is so much that you can look around and experience, while going on a car or jeep camping in Maui. So, here in this guide you will come to know about the favourite spots, so that you can plan and get the best in your trip to Hawaii or Maui. Also, before you start camping in Maui, you have to be prepared first. Study and do your research on distinct spots. Learn exactly which are the legit camping spots available in Maui and don’t just roam here and there. Enquire about the permits or reservations that are required. There are many guests who come at the last hour and they find it difficult to get spots for camping. But there is nothing to stress about much.

Best Parts About Zazu Campers –

Some of the good things that you will know about Zazu campers is that, from the time you book your reservations till the end, they will be there for you to assist you with having any questions about the campsites and they work for you to find a campsite for you. You will also learn with the help of Zazu campers, what you need to about the campsites, what to pack, the available spots, and so on. One of the things that you should know about Maui is that, it has great campsites from sea level, to beach sides areas with 70–80-degree F, then 6,000 to 8,000 ft elevated level where the temperature can drop 40s. Although, Maui is a tropical island, you don’t want to stay here stuck in the cold without warm shawls and sweaters at the Hosmer’s Grove. You can go through the link mentioned above to know more about Zazu Campers and sites, as due to the pandemic some of the spots are temporarily closed for jeep camping.

Hosmer Grove – Is it Closed?

Hosmer grove, also known as Hosmer’s by many locals is a portion of the Haleakala’s National Park. You can find out whether it is closed or open in the given link above. It is a place that doesn’t require reservation for car camping. They work on 1st– come, 1st– serve basis. It is just below 7,000 ft in elevation and can get very cold- also sometimes freezing at night, and daytime highs that comes around 50–65-degree F (10-18° C). Though Maui is a tropical island, but do not underrate how cold it can get there. Many guests still say that it was a lot colder than it can be expected.

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