Activities to do in Oaxaca (Mexico)

I have recognised for a long time that the best things to do when taking a trip are only the things you enjoy doing, but if I am being completely truthful, that does not always put on Oaxaca. In my point of view, if you have the moment, you ought to try to overcome the whole list of points to do inside the city, as well as naturally, make time for trips from Oaxaca.

To find an ADO bus station in Oaxaca, please follow the link.

  • Stroll, and visit the tourism office 

Truthfully, I am a bit old school, as well as love paper. Each time I am in a new area, I order a map, identity how much the “free location” is to stroll, and then I just go. I also typically speak to the individuals at the lodging or hotel I am lodging at. I inquire them: where is the best place to go? What are the best things you eat? This functions excellently for me, as well as you get connected with the citizens instead of needing to simply check out an Oaxaca travel overview.

  • Take a city scenic tour or a complimentary walking tour 

For exclusive or shared city scenic tours, as well as other trips, I have stated them before, as well as I am most likely prejudiced, but no, they are the best. You can speak to Trez Traveling, a fantastic local travel agency with lots of experience not just in the city; however, additionally, in the state of Oaxaca. Also, you can call Gabriel Sanchez, who provides top-notch personal services and scenic tours.

  • Take a sightseeing tour around Oaxaca by tram 

For individuals who are not very mobile, or typically have a problem strolling, I want to point out something here that I have never done due to the fact that I enjoy strolling, but at the side of Morelos Road and Macedonio Alcalá is where you will find a tram which is going to take you over a sightseeing trip of downtown Oaxaca.

It is known as “Tranvía el alebrije.” Although, please get cautioned that this trip is extremely slow-moving. It is a huge cable car, and it needs to be nearly full to start. It goes every half an hour, as well as the cost has to do with 70 pesos for every person. Spanish is the only language used.

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