7 Tourist Destinations In Bintan That Are Instagram Worthy

Not only Bali can provide a holiday with a tropical island feel. Visiting several tourist destinations in Bintan can also get the same impression, maybe even more extraordinary. Bintan Island, which is part of the Kepulauan Riau Province, has a myriad of tourist destinations, luxury resorts, and exotic beaches. The tropical nuances and atmosphere on offer are guaranteed to amaze you. Prepare sunblock, sunglasses, and your swimsuit to enjoy the fun atmosphere here.

1. Panglong Hill

Panglong Hill is one of the former mining areas that turned into a cool tourist destination. The former granite quarry has now become a lake with clear and clean water, sometimes even blue. However, visitors are not advised to swim and play in this lake until a feasibility study allows it. Even so, the atmosphere is very supportive of your vacation.

2. Treasure Bay

This tourist destination in Bintan is a resort with many tourist rides that can be enjoyed. One thing that stole my attention was the large and blue swimming pool. There are many fun activities you can do, from kayaking and paddleboarding, to playing segway while touring this exotic resort. In addition to resting, you can also do fun activities.

3. Blue Lake Kawal

The most charming lake in Bintan is Blue Kawal Lake. The lake formed from this mining presents an exotic view, with a mix of blue from the water, white on the cliff walls, and green from its plants. Plus a nice breeze is blowing at this location. Blue Lake Kawal must be included in your Bintan travel itinerary. However, it is highly recommended not to swim in this location because it is very dangerous.

4. Blue Lake Lepan

Similar to Blue Kawal Lake, Blue Lepan Lake is also formed from mining activities. The clear water and the white color of the bottom of the lake make the surface of the lake glow blue because of the sun’s rays. One of the attractions of this tourist attraction is the number of unique selfie photo spots.

5. Senggiling Beach

This beach can be hidden because its popularity is less than the tourist area of ​​Lagoi Bay, which is right next to it. Access that is not easy also makes few people know about it. As a result, if you travel to this beach, you will get a natural feel that is still natural, white sandy beaches and large rocks that add to the beauty of this tourist destination in Bintan.

6. Arang House

You can enjoy this unique igloo in Bintan, precisely in the Busung area. This dome-shaped building was previously used as a furnace by the people of the Sea Tribe to make charcoal and is now abandoned. If you are interested in hunting for unique photo backgrounds, use this igloo! Guaranteed your photos will be anti-mainstream.

7. Air Adventures Flying Club

If you want to experience Bintan’s nature in a slightly different way, you can choose to fly by plane, which is guaranteed to provide a completely different experience. Using an available amphibious plane, you can fly accompanied by an experienced pilot. In the air, you just enjoy the cool panorama of the island of Bintan, and maybe it will make your adrenaline increase. To make it even more memorable, the experience of flying with an open plane can be captured by video. For a small additional fee, you will be assisted in taking videos of your flying moments.

Vacation is more than just the scenery/food/accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bintan by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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