5 Reasons Why Bandung is Called the City of Flowers

Since a long time ago, the city, about 150 kilometers from Jakarta, has been nicknamed the City of Flowers. However, not many people know the story behind the embedding of the City of Flowers in the Capital of West Java Province, Bandung.

For some tourists, this nickname is the reason why they Bandung must go. Changing times and technological developments have not made the nickname for this city forgotten and faded. It is common knowledge that the City of Flowers is identical and attached to Bandung. Here are five reasons that make Bandung known as the City of Flowers.

  1. A Variety of Beautiful Flowers

According to the story, various types of flowers were planted on the road in Bandung during the Dutch colonial period. Bandung, which is in the highlands, has fertile soil and cool air, making flowers grow and bloom beautifully. One of the plants that thrive in Bandung is tea. Tea, coffee, and tobacco plantations became the most significant contributor to the income of the colonial government in the past.

Bandung is a must-go, making this city even more beautiful with blooming flowers that are beautiful to view.

  1. Paris Van Java

Besides the City of Flowers, Paris Van Java is also another nickname for Bandung. At that time, Bandung was designed and used as a supported city for the administration of the southern region. The building’s modern and aesthetically designed architecture made this city look like cities in Europe.

Beautiful building architecture with flower gardens makes this fresh air city dubbed by the Dutch as Paris Van Java. This modern architecture can be compared to fine dining Jakarta.

  1. The Tradition of Living City Parks

According to the story, Bandung residents have a tradition to liven up city parks with various types of beautiful flowers. This tradition is carried out from generation to generation by Bandung residents by using land or empty areas as parks.

Besides beautifying the city, the purpose of the city park is as a place to relax and shelter for pedestrians. The shady trees also complete the beauty and coolness of the city park.

  1. Beautiful Woman

Famous not only for its many beautiful flowers and charming architecture, but another story behind the nickname of the City of Flowers is also the beauty of the charming and captivating faces of Bandung women.

In 1896, the Executive Board of the Sugar Association held a grand meeting. To entertain the guests and make them feel comfortable, the committee brings in beautiful-looking ladies to “serve” the guests.

The meeting was a success. The sugar businessmen who attended the meeting said they were satisfied with the “service” of the beautiful woman. This news began to spread and became known to many people until the term De Bloem der Indische Bergsteden, or the City of Flowers of the Dutch East Indies, emerged.

  1. Cikapundung Song

In 1960, the song Cikapundung was created, inspired by the Cikapundung river. Part of the song lyrics is “City of Flowers, City of Midang” which have strengthened the nickname of the City of Flowers since old times.

The City of Flowers is always fascinating to visit. Not only is the beauty of the city, but also the romantic feelings created here. Vacationing and relaxing in Bandung will make your body and mind better and fresher.

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