5 Great Watersports For Thrill-Seekers

There’s a great deal of potential for thrill experiences on the water and the extreme nature and power of water has always drawn in those who seek out adrenaline. Some hunt waves, wanting to coast on their speed, navigating and reading the water as it propels them across the shore. Others use the water’s surface, that which is constantly changing, to launch themselves into the air, seeking out swells to achieve new heights.

Whatever your interest is in watersports, there are a remarkable amount of options for those wanting to experience great thrills, even those who can see you flying across the surface of the sea. To show you what to expect, as well as to inspire your next adventure holiday, we have five ideal options for adventure on the water.


Also known as kiteboarding, this activity is simple in concept but complex in its potential. Surfers mount a small and remarkably nimble board while gripping onto a kite that is high enough in the air to capture strong wind currents. The immense power of the kite allows surfers to travel in tandem, coasting across the water’s surface at high speeds.

Acceleration and speed is not, however, the only amazing feature of kitesurfing. Each swell and wave on the water’s surface is a potential launch that surfers can use to lift themselves and their board from the water and achieve great heights before crashing back down to the water.

Whitewater Rafting

Not all watersports require the expanse of the ocean to be enjoyed. In fact, sports like whitewater rafting are enhanced by the tight turns and contained rapids of rivers. Groups are placed in an inflatable raft, each being encouraged to communicate and cooperate with each other to maintain balance and stability as the craft is propelled across some of the most extreme and fast-moving parts of a river.

The sport is certainly not without its dangers but that it is a group activity ensures that attendees look out for each other, which is why many choose this activity for team-building exercises.

SUP Surfing

Stand-up paddleboarding isn’t the most extreme of watersports but it can quickly become thrilling when combined with surfing. Smaller boards are used, along with a traditional SUP paddle, to achieve speed and maneuverability enough that waves can be surfed. SUP surfing in Australia has become very popular, with groups being established across all coasts.


When we said that it was possible to fly, we were not joking. Aquatic jetpacking has become a more established watersport with recent leaps in technology and design. Jetpackers are attached to individuals before blasting out two streams of water with immense force. Gripping onto stabilizers, riders are then able to utilize the force to fly across the water with ease.

Whale Watching

The potential thrills of the water come not solely from the landscape but also from its wildlife. Whale watching, especially at certain times of the year, can be jaw-dropping, with these truly massive mammals appearing right next to watercraft, spraying water across those who peer overboard.

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