5 Features of Penida Island and How to Visit


nusa penida or Penida Island is a beautiful island on Bali’s southeast side, separated by the Bandung strait. The natural scenery on this island is pleasing to the eye, so it is often used as a holiday destination in Bali, significantly to charge yourself. The distance is about 58 km from kintamani and about 39 km from Ubud.

Natural Attractions on Penida Island

1. Atuh Hill

Similar to Raja Ampat, Penida Island also has a row of small islands called Bukit Atuh, which means “Raja Lima”. The beauty of this coral cluster looks stunning from a distance and combines beautifully with white sand.

Uniquely, there is a spring that never dries and doesn’t taste salty like seawater on the seafront.

2. White Sand

The stretch of white sand on this island looks harmonious with the blue colour of the seawater, which has moderate waves. You can walk to enjoy the warmth of the sand or build a sandcastle with the kids.

3. Manta Bay

Diving lovers must come to Manta Bay to see the fascinating marine life and even feel the sensation of swimming with manta rays. The best time to dive is early morning or late afternoon, when these giant fish are most active.

Besides Manta Bay, other best diving locations are Batu Meling, Malibu Point, Toyapakeh, Manta Point, Batu Lumbung, and Batu Abah.

4. Angel’s Billabong

The rivers around Penida Island emptied into Angel’s Billabong before finally heading to the open sea. The river’s flow makes an indentation in the coral to form a beautiful natural pond.

The pool is safe for swimming, and the water is also super precise. When viewed from above, the water looks greenish while exposed to the sun, which is caused by the reflection of the rocks at the bottom of the pool.

5. Teletubbies Hill

If you are satisfied with enjoying the underwater scenery and want to relax at a height while enjoying the beauty of Penida Island, then you can come to Teletubbies Hill. This beautiful place is very fertile because it has a stretch of natural green grass. The location itself is in the Tangled area.

How to Visit Penida Island

There are two ways to visit Penida Island from Bali, by helicopter and by boat. The second option is the most preferred because it is much more cost-effective. The locations for ferry boats to Penida Island from Bali are as follows:

  • Sanur Beach Harbor (most popular site).
  • Serangan Harbor (located in the southern part of Bali).
  • Tribuana Harbor (close to Kusamba Beach Klungkung).
  • Padang Bali Port (reputedly has the cheapest ticket prices compared to other ports).

Stopping by Penida Island while in Bali is the best choice if you want to enjoy the natural beauty similar to Raja Ampat. But during the holiday season, the beautiful and natural feel will usually be lessened because of the large number of tourists.

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